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Whats Going on September 8-14, 2012

Shabbat Ki Tavo
September 8, 2012 / 21 Elul 5772
Baby Naming for Shayna Leah Wertheimer 
daughter of Chuck Wertheimer and Marina Plyas 
and granddaughter of Charlotte Wertheimer
Parnassim: Deborah Kraus and Warren Litwin

Torah: Deuteronomy 26:1-28:6 (Etz P.1140)
Maftir: Deuteronomy 29:6-8 (Etz P. 1159) 
Haftarah: Isaiah 60:1-10 (Etz P.1160)

Torah Reading: Barry Frank
                                                    Haftarah Reading: Chayim Lowen                                    

This week's kiddush is sponsored by Charlotte Wertheimer in honor of 
the naming of her granddaughter, Shayna Leah

Candle Lighting: 7:02 PM
Reconstructionist minhag encourages the custom of lighting candles together whenever we sit down for dinner with our family and friends.
Havdalah: 8:08 PM
Or any time after 3 stars appear

We are excited to launch our new website
Check out our new look and view the HIGH HOLIDAY bulletin.
If you haven't already renewed your membership...
Please contact Linda or Robyn in the office to make arrangements for the Holidays.
Thanks to the generosity of one of our members, the synagogue has recently acquired a defibrillator machine.  While we hope to never have to use it, we are grateful to have one, and are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our members.  The machine is located on the main floor, next to the elevator by the window.
Attention High Holiday Volunteers
An information session/security briefing will be held on Tuesday, September 11 at 7pm, at the synagogue for all High Holiday Ushers and Parnassim.  Please make every effort to attend.  Please RSVP to Robyn at (514) 486-9400 or  We look forward to seeing you then.

Be sure to stay up to date with the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation's 5773 pocket diary at $13.00 each.
Please call or email Barbi in the office to reserve your copy: 514-486-9400 or
SING-A-LONG with new congregational tunes:
for the Alternative High Holiday services! Join Cantor Heather after kiddush the following two Shabbatot (Sept. 8th and 15th) to learn new tunes that will be incorporated into our alternative services for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.
Everyone is invited to bake (or buy) their favorite honey cake and bring it to share with the congregation. Please contact Sheindl Rothman if you plan to bring a cake. 514-489-4735 or
Please call the office to order your Lulav & Etrog**$40 per set.
(514) 486-9400
**order deadline September 7th 
SHABBAT AND ME: 10 week session begins Sept. 21, 10:00-11.30 a.m.
Come enjoy our Mom & Tot Shabbat with Debra Berke and featuring Cantor Heather Batchelor.  Bring your infants and toddlers ages 10-28 months for a morning of music, stories, hallah and play.
Bubbies and Zaidies Welcome!
Please contact the office to register (514)486-9400
If you are interested in volunteering at Le Café please contact Gloria Doskie at 514-630-5943 or

To Russel Coperman for being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
Simcha Tova bat Avraham Moshe v'Malkha(Sheryl Lewart);Leah bat Esther v'Shmuel; Sara Leah bat Tzila; Tova bat Eliyahu v'Hannah (Terry Weitzen); Eliezer ben Zev v'Malca (Laizer Sirota), Eliezer ben Yisrael v'Sara (Ernie Goldstein) ; Zvi ben Taibel ve-Yosef (Harry Fainsilber);  Rachmiel ben Miriam v'Isacc (Ralph Schwartz) Ruth bat Sara v'Yaacov (Helen Kraus)

Minyan takes place every Monday and Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m., followed by breakfast. Monday is a traditional davenning and Torah reading. Wednesday is a Mindfulness Meditation minyan
If you are saying Kaddish, observing a yahrtzeit, or marking a special occasion, please join us.  It is a wonderful way to start the week or the day in a warm and inspiring ambience among friends. 
Contact LOIS LIEFF at

Nusan Ferdman: father of Sara Tauben
Lucien Levitsky: father of Sydney Levitsky
*Sydney Shapiro: husband of Merle Wolofsky
Philip Corber: brother of David Corber
Ruth Sohmer: mother of David Sohmer
Rachel Tarter: mother of Jackie Yarosky
Irving Zaves : father of Janet Dwoskin
Meyer Israel Kastner: father of Reva Bercovitch
Sabina Slater Rosenthal: mother of Jean Goldberg
Arnold Weinfeld: father of Dr. Morton Weinfeld
*Abe Charkow: father of Fran Croll
Ray Greenberg: Mother of Syd Greenberg
Theodore Shapiro: brother of Ernestine Simon-Cohen
Nathan Stein: father of Dr. Naomi Stein
Gerald Wise: brother of Angela Litman
Sam Ostroff: father of Lila Pascal
Frederica Saibil:  mother of Maura Sovchen, stepmother of Doreen Saibil
Erich Neisser: father of Eva Echenberg
Maynard Shapiro: brother of Florence Shapiro Weigens
  As long as we live they too will live, for they are part of us as we remember them.
  *Names with an asterisk (*) indicate a memorial plaque in our sanctuary. We encourage you to consider adding to our memorial board. To do so, please call the office at 514-486-9400.
  If you would like an Aliyah for a yahrtzeit on a Shabbat morning, please identify yourself to a Parnass when you come into the sanctuary.  It is recommended that you arrive by 10:15 so as not to miss the opportunity.
  If you prefer to say Kaddish at the Monday or Wednesday Minyan closest to the actual Yahrtzeit, please Contact Dorothy Stober at 514.485.6362
It is a traditional mitzvah to honour a Yahrtzeitor other important family occasion by making a Tzedakah donation. To donate to the synagogue or sponsor a Kiddush, please contact the Dorshei Emet office. 

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