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Weekly Announcements: September 1, 2012

 Shabbat Ki Tetzei
September 1, 2012 / 14 Elul 5772
Andrea Majnemer and Ian Segal – Aufruf
Tamara Kornacki and Nils McLeod - Aufruf
Parnassim: Eyal Faitelis and Doreen Saibil

Torah: Deuteronomy 21:10-22:21 (Etz P.1112)
Maftir: Deuteronomy 25:17-19 (Etz P. 1135)
Haftarah: Isaiah 54:1-10 (Etz P.1137)

Torah Reading: Chava Dienar
Haftarah Reading: Beth Blackmore

This week’s Kiddush is co-sponsored by
Liane Rabinovitch Segal and Jason Segal in honor of their son Ian Segal’s upcoming marriage to Andrea Majnemer
Edith and Joe Kornacki in honor of their daughter Tamara Kornacki’s upcoming marriage to Nils McLeod

Candle Lighting: 7:16 PM
Reconstructionist minhag encourages the custom of lighting candles together
whenever we sit down for dinner with our family and friends.
Havdalah: 8:21 PM
Or any time after 3 stars appear

We are excited to launch our new website:
Check out our new look and view the HIGH HOLIDAY bulletin.

If you haven't already renewed your membership...
Please contact Linda or Robyn in the office to make arrangements for the Holidays.


To Carole Flikier on the birth of her granddaughter.

To Brian Chernoff and Deena Eliosoff on the birth of their granddaughter, Rose Frieda Margolis Chernoff. Proud parents are Michael Chernoff and Leana Margolis of Toronto.

To Sandra and Herschel Mitchell on the engagement of their son David to Nancy Rotman, daughter of Gilda and Allan Rotman.

To Barbara and Jack Rosenthal and Nathan and Laura Schertzer on the bar mitzvah of their grandson Daniel Schertzer, son of Laura Rosenthal and Dr. Robert Schertzer.

To Georgette Bensimon on the loss of their beloved brother, Jacques Bensimon z"l.
To Frema Engel and Miguel Lecman on the loss of their beloved father and father-in-law, Sydney Engel z"l

Simcha Tova bat Avraham Moshe v'Malkha(Sheryl Lewart);Leah bat Esther v'Shmuel; Sara Leah bat Tzila; Tova bat Eliyahu v'Hannah (Terry Weitzen); Eliezer ben Zev v'Malca (Laizer Sirota), Eliezer ben Yisrael v'Sara (Ernie Goldstein) ; Zvi ben Taibel ve-Yosef (Harry Fainsilber); Rachmiel ben Miriam v'Isacc (Ralph Schwartz) Ruth bat Sara v'Yaacov (Helen Kraus)
7:00 - 9:00pm

We invite Dorshei Emet members, friends, acquaintances and non-members to attend this year's OPEN HOUSE at Dorshei Emet. Join in the fun, and mingle with friends after the long, hot summer! Meet and greet visitors and newcomers!

Please RSVP to Robyn Bennett at (514) 486-9400, ext. 103
Everyone is invited to bake (or buy) their favorite honey cake and bring it to share with the congregation. Please contact Sheindl Rothman if you plan to bring a cake. 514-489-4735 or

Please call the office to order your Lulav & Etrog**$40 per set.
(514) 486-9400
**order deadline September 7th 

10 week session begins Sept. 21, 10:00-11.30 a.m.
Come enjoy our Mom & Tot Shabbat with Debra Berke and featuring Cantor Heather Batchelor. Bring your infants and toddlers ages 10-28 months for a morning of music, stories, hallah and play.
Bubbies and Zaidies Welcome!
Please contact the office to register (514)486-9400

If you are interested in volunteering at Le Café please contact Gloria Doskie at 514-630-5943 or

Leonora Fenyve has chosen to work with the MIRA Foundation which provides seeing eye dogs to the blind and handicapped ,entirely free of charge. As a fundraising initiative they collects empty printer ink cartridges and old cell phones for recycling.

Bring your cartridges or cell phones to the synagogue and we will forward them to MIRA.
On behalf of Leonora & the MIRA Foundation thank you for helping.

Be sure to stay up to date with the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation's 5773 pocket diary at $13.00 each. Please call or email Barbi in the office to reserve your copy: 514-486-9400 or


Tomorrow Night!! The most energetic, creative and charismatic band on the world music scene!
Thursday, August 30 8:30pm (show) 7:30pm (doors open).

Rialto Theatre
5723 av. du Parc
514-770-7773 or

A Creative Writing Workshop With Ami Sands Brodoff

This workshop is open to adults with a longing to carve out space in their lives for creative writing, and for active writers seeking in-depth critique and guidance for future work.
Please contact Ami: (514)-481-5270,
website at: and her blog:


Minyan takes place every Monday* and Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m., followed by breakfast. Monday is a traditional davenning and Torah reading. Wednesday is a Mindfulness Meditation minyan

If you are saying Kaddish, observing a yahrtzeit, or marking a special occasion, please join us. It is a wonderful way to start the week or the day in a warm and inspiring ambience among friends. 
Contact Dorothy Stober at 514.485.6362 or
* There is no Minyan this Monday

Bessie Ewen - Morowitz: sister of Avrum Morrow       
Aladar Katz: father of Ilana Shiller        
Sarah Klein Stepner: mother of Syd Stepner      
Bayla Gomberg: mother of Avi Gomberg, sister of Neysa Sigler
Bella Kwavnick: sister of Mr. Ernest Rashkovan    
Thelma Kenigsberg: aunt of Judith Ellen Kenigsberg     
Benny Wattenberg: father of Anne Levitsky        
Phyllis Richler: mother of Howard Richler         
*Moses Jonathan Wolfe: 1st husband of Lila Wolfe-Druckman, father of Audrey Berner
Sala Bonder: mother of Ely Bonder       
Yitzhak Faitelis: father of Eyal Faitelis      
Moses Stolow: father of Ben Stolow       
Barbara Bornstein: mother of Lisa Bornstein        
Molly Fallis:  mother of Rita Singer         
Sara Sela: mother of Carmela Aigen  
 As long as we live they too will live, for they are part of us as we remember them.

 *Names with an asterisk (*) indicate a memorial plaque in our sanctuary. We encourage you to consider adding to our memorial board. To do so, please call the office at 514-486-9400.

 If you would like an Aliyah for a yahrtzeit on a Shabbat morning, please identify yourself to a Parnass when you come into the sanctuary. It is recommended that you arrive by 10:15 so as not to miss the opportunity.

 If you prefer to say Kaddish at the Monday or Wednesday Minyan closest to the actual Yahrtzeit, please Contact Dorothy Stober at 514.485.6362

It is a traditional mitzvah to honour a Yahrtzeitor other important family occasion by making a Tzedakah donation. To donate to the synagogue or sponsor a Kiddush, please contact the Dorshei Emet office. 

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