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February 15, 2014 Shabbat Ki Tissa

Shabbat Ki Tissa
February 15, 2014 / 15 Adar I, 5774 
Torah: Exodus 33:12 - 34:32  (Etz P. 538)
Maftir: Exodus 34:33 - 35 (Etz P. 546)
Haftarah: I Kings 18:20 - 39 (Etz P. 549)

Ba'alei Tefillah: Rosana Caplan
Torah and Haftarah Readers: Ben Chernin, Leonora Fenyves, Jonathan Halliday, Atara Laor, Chaim Lowen, Esti Lowen, Jeremy Mincoff, Jacob Nyveen, Josh Ptack, Liam Turecki, Zac Wolofsky 
Dvar Torah: Guest Speaker - Tamara Kramer

 Parnassim: Sima Brockstein and Roger Antebi
Read about Rabbi Ron and Carmela's recent trip to Nepal 
in today's edition of the Canadian Jewish News.


PBM REUNION  Please join us as we welcome back to the Bimah some of our PBM graduates for an encore presentation: Ben Chernin, Leonora Fenyves, Jonathan Halliday, Atara Laor, Chaim Lowen, Esti Lowen, Jeremy Mincoff, Jacob Nyveen, Josh Ptack, Liam Turecki, Zac Wolofsky, and other familiar friends.
We look forward to welcoming you! 
Guest Speaker: Tamara Kramer 
Join us to get Tamara Kramer's perspective on what's hot, happening and controversial
in the world of Jewish arts and culture. 
Tamara Kramer is the creator and producer of Shtetl on the Shortwave and Shtetl Magazine- both housed at the increasingly popular website
Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to this year's campaign. To date we have a participation rate of 44%. Please help us to achieve our goal of reaching 100% participation. Donations can be made through the office: 514-486-9400.  
Please note classes with Carmela will resume at a later date.
FILM SCREENING - Yiddish: a Tale of Survival
Tuesday, March 4th, 7pm  
Please join us for a screening of Yiddish: a Tale of Survival, a documentary, by DE member Abigail Hirsch.
Abigail Hirsch and Rabbi Aigen will be leading a post-screening discussion on the relevance and future of Yiddish the language, and Yiddish the culture, to Jews and to the world. Dan Goldstein and friends will lead a yiddish sing-a-long following the discussion.
This is a free event.

To Anne Bellman on becoming a great-grandmother. Leeah Abigail is the daughter of Liora and Zak Gradinsky.

To Alegra Mizrahi on receiving the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Early Childhood
Education in recognition of her work with pre-school children.

To Elaine Kalman Naves on the launch of a new book - "Portrait of a Scandal".
You are cordially invited to attend the official launch on Wednesday, February 19, from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Visual Arts Centre, 350 Victoria Avenue, Westmount.

To Peter Rohrlick and Penny Bloch on the loss of Peter's father, Morrie Rohrlick, z"l.
To Debbie Fine on the death of her mother, Luba Fine, z"l. 
Zvi ben Taibel v'Yosef (Harry Fainsilber) 
Yehudit bat Shalom v'Frieda (Odette Chonchol)  
Eliahu ben Leah v'Yacov (Charley Levy)
Aaron ben David v'Esther (Henry Ades)
Myriam bat Tilka v Schoel
Yaakov ben Israel ve Zipora (Jonathan Silver) 
Giovana Pergolari Di Cori
*If someone needs an extra blessing for someone who is sick, please email with their hebrew name, parents hebrew name, their english name. If a member who is ill is in hospital, kindly give us the name of the hospital and room number as well.

Februrary 15-21, 2014/ 15-21 Adar I, 5774   
Joseph Bercovitch , father of Mildred Kolodny
Frances Boudin , mother of Rosalyn Cohen
Laura Bronfman-Aaron , mother of Miriam Roland
Abe Croll , father of Reuben Croll
Bella Dan , mother of Fanny Silviu-Dan
Bertha Engel , mother of Frema Engel
* Clara Fish , mother of Aaron Fish
Eunice Fogel , mother of Martin Fogel
Saul Geller , father of Estelle Fainsilber
Dorothy Gottlieb , mother of Linda August
Bernice Getz Lurie , mother of Lewis Lurie
Irwin Moss , father of Beverly Shapiro
Mitchell Olfman , husband of Bess Olfman
* Melvin Mike" Salmon" , father of Deborah Salmon
Maurice Schouela , father of Diane Sasson
Alice Shenkier , mother of Maurice Shenkier
Mae Wax , mother of Sandra Goldstein
Jack Weber , brother of Judith Farovitch
*Names with an asterisk (*) indicate a memorial plaque in our sanctuary. We encourage you to add your late loved one's name to our memorial board for an everlasting tribute. To do so, please call the office at 514-486-9400.
If you would like an Aliyah for a yahrtzeit on a Shabbat morning, please identify yourself to a Parnass when you come into the sanctuary.


If you could ask your mother one question about her life, what would it be?
What is the most important thing a mother can pass on to her daughter?

Why Not Theatre is making a show about Montreal's Jewish women, and is looking for daughters, between the ages of 22 and 32, and their mothers (or mothers and their daughters) who are interested in creating and performing in it.
They are hoping to talk to people across the city about their experiences of being a woman and being Jewish, about their family traditions and how those feature in their lives, and about their most outrageous family stories. These stories will then be woven into a performance starring the mothers and daughters themselves.
No performance experience required. We're looking for real people and real stories!

If you're interested in finding out more about the project, and how to participate, please contact Poppy Keeling:
The project will be created in association with Complicite and A Bit Off the Top

Minyan takes place every Monday and Wednesday morning at 7:30 am, followed by breakfast. Monday is a traditional davening and Torah reading. Wednesday is a Mindfulness Meditation minyan.
If you are saying Kaddish, observing a yahrzeit, or marking a special occasion, please join us.  It is a wonderful way to start the week or the day in a warm and inspiring ambiance among friends. 

Contact the office 514-486-9400 or

 Congregation Dorshei Emet
follow us on twitter -twitter@dorsheiemet

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