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Weekly announcements for March 9, 2013

Vayak'hel / Pikudei /Ha-Hodesh
March 9, 2013 / 27 Adar, 5773
Bentsh Rosh Hodesh Nisan  
(Tuesday 12th)
Zachary Wolofsky Bar Mitzvah
Parnassim: Maurice Krystal and Eyal Faitelis

Torah: Exodus 36:8-37:9;39:22-43 (Etz Pp. 557;567)
Maftir:Exodus 12:1-11 (Etz P.380) 
Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16-46:18 (Etz P.1291)

Torah Reading: Zachary Wolofsky, Bryan Wolofsky, Chayim Lowen, 
Ben Chernin, Atara Laor, Leonora Fenyeves, Cantor Heather Batchelor
Haftarah Reading: Zachary Wolofsky

This week's Kiddush is sponsored by Robin Slutsken and Bryan Wolofsky
 in honour of  Zachary becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Candle Lighting: 5:33 PM
Havdalah: 6:43 PM 


Join us for the Shabbat Morning Study group "The David Story: From Shepherd to Messiah" with Carmela Aigen.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013, 12:00 pm-1:00 pmBibliophile, 5519 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal
Sunday, March 17, 2013, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm, The Jewish Store, Cavendish Mall,C.S.L.
Rabbi Ron will be personalizing copies of his beautiful Haggadah. Come out and have him sign your copy and browse the stores.

For West Islanders- The Haggadah is also available at Chapters Pointe Claire!

MATZAH TO MITZVAH-A Passover Experience
Sunday, March 10, 2:00 pm-4:30 pm : Workshops at Temple Emanu-El 4100 Sherbrooke W. 
The topics are: Passover and Easter: Celebrations of Freedom, with Rabbi Lisa Gruschow and Father John Walsh; A New Haggadah for a New Age, with Rabbi Ron Aigen;  Keeping Everyone at the Table: Making Your Seder Interactive, Creative, Meaningful & Fun, with Rabbi Andrea Myers and Dr. Catherine Masden; Singing Your Way Through the Seder, with Rachelle Schubert; Passover Cooking.

There will be crafts, movies, and mitzvah projects for children.
Cost: $5/person,  $15/ family with a donation of a non-perishable food item $7/$20 without. Open to all.

If you have place at your Seder table or are in need of a place to celebrate with others, please contact Nadene Solomon through the office (514-486-9400) or at nadene.s@gmail.comand she would be happy to help you make arrangements. To avoid disappointment, please be in touch by March 11, 2013 so we have sufficient time to help facilitate these plans. 
In addition, MADA is hosting community Seders at various locations throughout the city. For more information, please call (514) 342-4969 or email
Please let us know if your child will be participating in this year's March of the Living. Contact the office at 514-486-9400 or   

Stephen Spiegel and Judith Solomon.

Member Atara Stolovitsky, daughter of Erika Tencer and Jonathan Silver, has been chosen from amongst many, to be the next lucky participant in an amazing intensive 2 week dolphin assisted therapy program at the Curacao Dolphin Assisted Therapy Center in the beautiful Antilles!! This is an opportunity of a lifetime and the family is grateful that Atara will have the chance to experience this wonderful therapy. Dolphin Aid Canada has generously donated some money for Atara's dolphin therapy. However, additional funds are needed in order to make this happen.  To find out more or to make a contribution, please contact Erika at or visit .

Member Beverly Akerman was one of several people featured on CBC Radio's "C'est la vie" this week. The show was about Anglos living in Quebec. 

Member Ariel Ifergan, mise en scène: SEGAL CENTRE  STUDIO  
March 7 to March 23 . 
"L'augmentation" de Georges Perec.

to Rosanne Moss and Bill Brender on the birth of their grandson Saul Avery son of Noah and Marianne.

to Rosy Atkin (grade 10) who placed third in Bialik's Public Speaking Contest for Grades 10 and 11 for her speech on the complexities of faith and of prayer.

Zvi ben Taibel v'Yosef (Harry Fainsilber); 
Rachmiel ben Miriam v'Isacc (Ralph Schwartz);
Yehudit bat Shalom v'Frieda (Odette Chonchol)  
Zlate bat Fishel v'Miriam (Charlotte Wertheimer)
Yasmin bat Galila (Jasmin Peleg)
Moshe ben Pia v'Shlomo (Murray Perelman)
Eliahu ben Leah v'Yacov (Charley Levy)
Faivel ben Esther v'Shmuel (Paul Ostroff)
Chaim Zvi ben Gitel v'Avraham (David Pinto) 
Avraham ben Rea v'Berel (Larry Lazar)

*if someone needs and extra blessing for someone who is sick, please with their hebrew name, parents hebrew name, their english name. Please give me their hospital and room number if they are a member.

March 9-15, 2013 / 27 Adar-4 Nisan 5773
Helen Caplan, mother of Esti Jedeikin

Lewis Gelfand, father of Brahm Gelfand
* Sam Goldstein, father of Yoine Goldstein
Harry Liberman, father of Fran Avni
Rose Winston, mother of Milton Winston
Jacques Chonchol, father of Ernest Chonchol
* Peter Fineberg, father of Archie Fineberg
Seymour Gottlieb, father of Linda August
Catalina Lirisman Lecman, mother of Miguel Lecman
Nechemia Stock, father of Susan Stock
Hyman Edelstein, husband of Hedy Edelstein
Eva Mintz Gold, mother of Sheila Greenberg
Berta Trodler, mother of Liliana Trodler
Georges Wegliszewski, father of Sylviane Borenstein
* Joseph Blumstein, father of Sharon Bond
* Jack Brasloff, father of Reuben Brasloff
Lily Felberg, mother of Margaret Felberg-Levitt
Lydia Lilienheim, mother of Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Rosa Sabach de Mizrahi, mother of Alegre Mizrahi
Patricia Frankman, 1st wife of Myron Frankman
Esther Elman Browman, mother of Marla Goldin
Irving Fichman, father of Stephen Fichman
Solomon Gerszonowicz , father of Carole Flikier
Jenny Goldsmith, mother of Felice Heller
Sam Litman, father of Pamela Litman, husband of Angela Litman
Edgar Miller, stepfather of Mark Medicoff
Matthew Suchar, father of Ronald Heller  
*Names with an asterisk (*) indicate a memorial plaque in our sanctuary. We encourage you to consider adding to our memorial board. To do so, please call Barbi at 514-486-9400

If you would like an Aliyah for a yahrtzeit on a Shabbat morning, please identify yourself to a Parnass when you come into the sanctuary.
Members in good standing who wish to reserve cemetery plots in Congregation Dorshei Emet's section of Eternal Gardens Memorial Park should contact Robyn Bennett, Executive Director at 514-486-9400.
 Minister Kenney issues statement regarding 'Israel Apartheid Week'

Ottawa, March 4, 2013 - The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, issued the following statement regarding so-called 'Israel Apartheid Week' activities:

"Everyone in this country has the right to freely and publicly express their views. That being said, I share the concerns of other Canadians about the reckless and overheated rhetoric associated with anti-Israel activities on many Canadian university campuses, and the toxic manner in which these activities are often carried out.

WEXNER LECTURE SERIES 2013-Where Have All The Leaders Gone?
with Dr. Erica Brown-educator and author of   books including "spiritual boredom"  
Tuesday, April 30 at 8:00pm- Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem, 6519 Baily Road. or 514-345-2645 ext. 3375

Passover Food Baskets must be packed and delivered; to help families that are in need, to celebrate the Passover Holidays. We need Drivers & Packers!
Packing only....March 6th 2013. (5 -8 PM)
Packing & Deliveries....March 7th to March 20th, 2013-Monday to Thursday 5-8 PM and 
Sundays 9 AM-2 PM for info: 514-744-6457

ISGAP | The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy presents: Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective.
McGill University , Tuesdays 5:30 to 8:00 PM, Leacock Building, Rm. 738 
Mar. 12 -Yigal Carmon
Founder and Director, MEMRI.
Apr. 9 - Nora Gold 
Associate Scholar at the Centre for Women's Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto "'I Don't Know Why They Hate Us - I Don't Think We Did Anything Bad To Hurt Them': Jewish Girls (Aged 10-12) Reflect on Their Experiences of Antisemitism". 

Minyan takes place every Monday and Wednesday morning at 7:30 am, followed by breakfast. Monday is a traditional davening and Torah reading. Wednesday is a Mindfulness Meditation minyan.
If you are saying Kaddish, observing a yahrtzeit, or marking a special occasion, please join us.  It is a wonderful way to start the week or the day in a warm and inspiring ambiance among friends. 
Contact Irv Perlman at 514 -733 -1874 or

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